List: Existential English

The things you see around The Jing are  fascinating. Beyond the impressive palaces, temples and sites I like: T-Shirts, posters, billboards and other signs.  Chinglish? Too easy. The ones that are the best are the ones that are mostly grammatically correct, and open new vistas of philosophical pondering. Below my selections from daily life along with my two cents. Enjoy!

  • Doing Chores. Why take a chance? (Girl’s T-Shirt)

    • The more you think about it, the wider the field becomes. What is a “chore” after all? And as you think of all the things that can be chores, the taking of chances suddenly becomes larger too. Why chance it indeed!
  • Lets Rude. What Hinder? (Guy’s T-Shirt)

    • Yes! Let’s rude. Wait…what is rude? After just escorting one of my family members around The Jing, this is indeed a potent question. As for hinderance, what really makes us want to be more polite and get along? I think its more than an aversion to rude
  • Time heals all wounds together (Girl’s T-Shirt)

    • Does that mean that “heal” is like “tie”?
  • It’s my happy birthday buddy (Girl’s T-Shirt)

    • Isn’t it a little sad that on her birthday, her only buddy…is a T-Shirt?
  • Beauty lies in the love’s eyes (Girl’s T-Shirt)

    • So, beauty is lying? Or is it maybe sleeping? Whatever it is, I bet you want it out of your eye!
  • Interesting magical jeans (Guy’s T-Shirt)

    • They’re so interesting…that…that…they’re magical: one can only guess what might be in them!
  • I will never be like your king of dolls (Girl’s T-Shirt)

    • My king of dolls?! I didn’t know that I had one. Thanks for telling me you won’t be like him, though.



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