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Products that promote themselves

[Originally featured on Gamasutra.] What to do when you’re a start-up that has dedicated everything to product development and yet need to do marketing? Make the products promote themselves! faced a difficult problem: the mainstay

Post Mortem: DNF (a.k.a. DFO) needs a Style Guide

  When making any creative product, we all know it’s super important to have a style guide. Clearly, you cannot unleash your pack of creative types without the North Star of a guide to direct them. Even

Cat, Out o’ the Bag: Big Days Around Here!

If you’re like me, there is little more exciting than seeing an idea come to fruition. Of course, if you’re not like me you may feel like slapping me. It’s OK. I’m ready. It’s worth it! Because when

Dice Magazine: “New Edge, making dreams happen” (3 of 3)

Dream’s precursor     “DNF TCG will certainly have explosive growth, then settle into a more stable period, but the level during that period will be higher. We feel that this ‘universe’ will be one that kids

Dice Magazine, “New Edge: making dreams happen” (2 of 3)

Here’s a continuation of the Dice Magazine (时代漫游) article on New Edge’s transformation from a distributor to a publisher. This time: “Realizing the Dream.” Realizing the Dream Terry proudly told this reporter, even though the DNF TCG

Dice Magazine, “New Edge: making dreams happen” (1 of 3)

With many thanks to our friends at Dice magazine (时代漫游) , here’s a translation of their story on New Edge (2012.08 edition, pages 54 – 57),  where Terry and I talk about how and why we want

The “DNF TCG” cat: coming out of the bag!

I can finally talk about the game we’re making. It’s about time! In case you don’t already know, and to whet the ole’ appetite if you do, we here at New Edge are working on “Dungeons and Fighters”

Culture Ministry Board Game Alliance and Training Session

文化部,桌游联盟开幕典礼以及桌面游戏设计人才原创能力建设高级研修班 中国文化部创立了一个桌游联盟(2012年八月27日)以帮助支持中国的桌面游戏产业。我非常荣幸的看到我的合作伙伴,李翔先生,成为团队的一员并致辞。同样也是一份殊荣可以在全国范围内来发表首届培训会议给文化部代表。 The Chinese Culture Ministry established a Board Game Alliance (Aug. 27, 2012) to help support the growth of the tabletop industry in China. It was an honor to watch my partner, Terry Li, become a

China Joy Tabletop Business Forum Keynote

It was an honor to be invited and to be given a chance to explain (as a founding member of the industry here) where China’s tabletop industry had come from, and where it might be going, as