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Context: “Tough talk won’t work with Beijing”

It is hard not to feel like a rock star when soon after you assert something, articles in the media echo your very thoughts. I’m not saying anyone read my writing and decided to write similarly. Instead,

Dice Magazine: “New Edge, making dreams happen” (3 of 3)

Dream’s precursor     “DNF TCG will certainly have explosive growth, then settle into a more stable period, but the level during that period will be higher. We feel that this ‘universe’ will be one that kids

Dice Magazine, “New Edge: making dreams happen” (2 of 3)

Here’s a continuation of the Dice Magazine (时代漫游) article on New Edge’s transformation from a distributor to a publisher. This time: “Realizing the Dream.” Realizing the Dream Terry proudly told this reporter, even though the DNF TCG

Reaction: Worrying about China’s currency is oh, so 80s

Fellow Americans, who remembers the jokes about the Japanese from Reagan’s era? One day in the not too distant future its my prediction that the China bashing abounding today will be equally stale. That’s because it results

Reaction: “Winds of Change for foreign retailers”

Cai Xin’s headline “Winds of Change” implies unpredictablity, yet what foreign retailers are facing is less so. Is it perhaps another victory for “National Champions”? Foreign retailers’ business is slowing, with some leaving china. Why? What caught my

Report: debt problems on local levels

The article below from the South China Morning Post covers some of the issues regarding local debt levels which are slowly percolating up to be seen. While I don’t want to be an alarmist, and while the article

Dice Magazine, “New Edge: making dreams happen” (1 of 3)

With many thanks to our friends at Dice magazine (时代漫游) , here’s a translation of their story on New Edge (2012.08 edition, pages 54 – 57),  where Terry and I talk about how and why we want

The “DNF TCG” cat: coming out of the bag!

I can finally talk about the game we’re making. It’s about time! In case you don’t already know, and to whet the ole’ appetite if you do, we here at New Edge are working on “Dungeons and Fighters”