Products that promote themselves

[Originally featured on Gamasutra.] What to do when you’re a start-up that has dedicated everything to product development and yet need to do marketing? Make the products promote themselves! faced a difficult problem: the mainstay

Damo: Conspiracy of Ignorance

Damo: Conspiracy of Ignorance, by Chris Toepker Many martial artists will have heard the story of Bodhidharma or Damo. In the story, this Indian monk arrived in China, eventually making his way to Shaolin temple on Mt.

The Riddle of Southern Shaolin

I translated “The Riddle of Southern Shaolin,” by Wen Yu Chen, many years ago. Recently the subject came up again, as it inevitably does. Since the article seems to have been taken down elsewhere, I thought it

Report: Air pollution, it’s so simple. Isn’t it?

All too often, visitors to Beijing fret and cluck their tongues at the air p0llution. While it certainly is awful, clearing the air is certainly no simple matter. This year, the most encouraging aspect of the whole

Post Mortem: DNF (a.k.a. DFO) needs a Style Guide

  When making any creative product, we all know it’s super important to have a style guide. Clearly, you cannot unleash your pack of creative types without the North Star of a guide to direct them. Even

Mirror, Mirror: How did I not know?!

Come poke fun at me as I stumble through the new year holidays, caught on the word “give.” I mean, can they “give” you days off, when you then have to return them the following weekend? Oh,

Note from the homeland – Trolling all America

I recently got a note from home – a letter to the editor in a small town in Michigan. I’m not usually so easily trolled, but I feel this warranted a response. Ultimately the guy asks “what

Criteria first, judgment second

Any review should always hold forth a set of criteria before weighing in. Otherwise, how can anyone know what the preferences or even prejudices of the reviewer are? For the record, here are (most of) mine: Strategy

Reflection: “End War” (from Ubisoft)

End War, from Ubisoft Shanghai, stands out for me as an excellent example of strategic and tactical game play and appropriate technology. Sadly, it has always seemed to me to get short shrift in reviews and consideration.

Cat, Out o’ the Bag: Big Days Around Here!

If you’re like me, there is little more exciting than seeing an idea come to fruition. Of course, if you’re not like me you may feel like slapping me. It’s OK. I’m ready. It’s worth it! Because when