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Products that promote themselves

[Originally featured on Gamasutra.] What to do when you’re a start-up that has dedicated everything to product development and yet need to do marketing? Make the products promote themselves! faced a difficult problem: the mainstay

Dice Magazine, “New Edge: making dreams happen” (2 of 3)

Here’s a continuation of the Dice Magazine (时代漫游) article on New Edge’s transformation from a distributor to a publisher. This time: “Realizing the Dream.” Realizing the Dream Terry proudly told this reporter, even though the DNF TCG

The “DNF TCG” cat: coming out of the bag!

I can finally talk about the game we’re making. It’s about time! In case you don’t already know, and to whet the ole’ appetite if you do, we here at New Edge are working on “Dungeons and Fighters”