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Criteria first, judgment second

Any review should always hold forth a set of criteria before weighing in. Otherwise, how can anyone know what the preferences or even prejudices of the reviewer are? For the record, here are (most of) mine: Strategy

Culture Ministry Board Game Alliance and Training Session

文化部,桌游联盟开幕典礼以及桌面游戏设计人才原创能力建设高级研修班 中国文化部创立了一个桌游联盟(2012年八月27日)以帮助支持中国的桌面游戏产业。我非常荣幸的看到我的合作伙伴,李翔先生,成为团队的一员并致辞。同样也是一份殊荣可以在全国范围内来发表首届培训会议给文化部代表。 The Chinese Culture Ministry established a Board Game Alliance (Aug. 27, 2012) to help support the growth of the tabletop industry in China. It was an honor to watch my partner, Terry Li, become a